Small Business Profiles

November 4, 2015By adminUncategorized

  Want to know how we go about highlighting you doing what you do best? Read about our project with Centerline Geomatics & Kobot Design to get an idea for how we approach working with individual businesses to showcase your value and provide customers with an insight into your day to day.      Centerline Geomatics … Read More

A Detour Wedding

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DETOUR WEDDINGS   What’s a Detour Wedding all about? We’re not really wedding photographers. It’s not that we don’t like wedding photography or wedding photographers or the industry as a whole, it’s just that we don’t really fit in. We’re not great at gushing over flower choices or dress colours or shoes. We don’t always remember … Read More

Long-Term Communication Strategies

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Want to know how we can help you create, grow and engage your audience through a long-term marketing strategy? Read about our relationship with Riverbend Gardens and what we’ve been able to accomplish with them in the past few years.     In the summer of 2006, I started a summer job as a field … Read More

Multiple Profiles, One Overall Project

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Want to know more about how we partner with organizations to weave together a story with many moving parts to speak to a unified message?  Read more about our annual report project with the Alberta Cancer Foundation to get an idea of how we can do the same for your project.      When the Alberta … Read More

Drop In Narratives

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Want to know more about how we drop in to remote communities, businesses or organizations and capture the experience of being there? Read more about our project with the Fort Nelson Airport & Rhubarb Media to get a taste for how we work efficiently with organizations while staying true to their essence and message.   … Read More