One of our favourite and signature framing methods is using salvaged wood for frames. I collect these materials from the abandoned farmhouses that cover the landscape of rural Alberta. Whether it be wood from along the sagging walls and roofs or full window frames, pieces of these houses become part of the art.

This wood is beautifully worn by decades of wind and sun and snow which gives them character and a story to tell that adds depth and context to the images. The process of restoring these pieces to be viable frames is a slow one. It requires cleaning, restoring and reinforcing them. I do all of this by hand myself because the fragile nature of this wood both requires it structurally and I feel it as an important part of the creative process. There is an art to matching a frame to an image.

Custom, salvaged wood frames are available for all images but sizes, shapes and prices are dictated by the available materials. These variables also mean that each custom framed piece is unique unto itself. If you're interested if having a piece custom framed for your space, give us a shout and we'll work with you to find an option that works for you.