What's a Detour Wedding all about?

We're not really wedding photographers. It’s not that we don’t like wedding photography or wedding photographers or the industry as a whole, it’s just that we don’t really fit in.

We're not great at gushing over flower choices or dress colours or shoes. We don’t always remember to get you to straighten your tie or remind you to touch up your eye make up. And we don’t "love, LOVE".

It’s not that we're grumpy people, the problem for us is that it just feels so inauthentic. It’s not who we are. When we come to a shoot, we bring our whole selves: nothing more, nothing less. And what we LOVE is story.

We're not going to capture a perfect day because guess what, it’s not going to be perfect. It’s going to be great sure, but not perfect. And that is what makes a good story… imperfections.

True to the Day

Simply capturing the day as it happens is what we love to do at a wedding.

We like to photograph wedding days true to what they are. If it rains or snows or if the dog muddies the dress or if the sunset is golden, all of these things make the wedding day unique and are a part of the day. A picture perfect wedding is not what we strive to deliver. We're happiest when we produce a photo narrative that is true to the individuals and their particular day.

We want your friends and family to look at your photos and say,

"Oh, that's so them!"

Prices and Packages

We offer two standard wedding packages and are currently accepting limited bookings for the 2016 season.




$2,500 + gst

2 Photographers

5 Hours of coverage

10 Archival Prints

1 Set of digital images

Rights to reproduce images

Full Day

$3,500 + gst

2 Photographers

10 Hours of coverage

15 Archival prints 

1 Set of digital images

Rights to reproduce images

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