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When the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF) was planning the theme for their 2015 Annual Report, they chose "Unfolding More Moments". The idea was to focus on patients lifestyles and capturing important, everyday moments in their lives. Whether than meant going for a run, sharing supper with their spouse or enjoying a horseback ride with their family.

While the participants chosen to be highlighted in the report were collecting some of their own photographs, ACF needed a professional to come in and capture these everyday important moments for their annual publication. 


Brian, a rancher from Southern Alberta, met with us at his farm outside of Taber and enveloped us into his life for a day with his family. An equine based family, we started the day with his grandkids riding horses and hitching up the ponies to a wagon for rides around the fields.

After that, Brian took us to check on his corn crop and then out to their cabin on the edge of the coulees for lunch over the fire. 


A huge part of Kristi's recovery was learning the process and meditation of Japanese weaving. We met at her home in Edmonton where she shared with us some tea, her gardens and her love of weaving. As her kids ran in and out of the conversation, she told us about how weaving helps her to live with intention and savour life's moments.


In the midst of her clinical trial, Kimberly met us at Emily Murphy Park where she often trains. A personal trainer, her life revolves around energy and physical fitness and the clinical trial being used to treat her cancer has allowed her to maintain her lifestyle. We later hung out with some of the people she loves most: her nephews, partner and dog.


Newlywed Faisel's favourite part of the day is sitting down to supper with his wife and sharing about their day. We met up with them one warm fall evening at their home in SW Edmonton. These two embrace the everyday moments of life and so we went for a walk in the park and then sat down with them in their home as they prepared their evening meal and reminisced over photographs of their honeymoon. 


The printed publication of the ACF 2015 Annual Report went out to supporters in September 2015 and the online, expanded version is available on their website: www.albertacancerreport.ca

The team responsible for this beautiful publication is a combination of in house communication experts at ACF and the experienced team at Cult.

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