RGE RD restaurant has been at the forefront of the Canadian food scene since chef Blair Lebsack and Caitlin Fulton opened in 2011. Their food philosophy revolves around the rich variety of local producers in the Edmonton area and in pursuit of that connection with local food, RGE RD's menu showcases and is dictated by the seasonal ingredients available to them. The RGE RD brand began with farm dinners where the kitchen crew would "set up shop" on a producers farm. They would prepare and serve elaborate dinners using many of the products available from that producer (meat, veggies, etc). 

In August 2014 I captured a farm dinner that took place at Riverbend Gardens and so when Blair and Caitlin moved to increase the size of their urban restaurant, they gave me a shout to see if I could capture what it felt like to dine in their beautiful space. 


We spent two days with the RGE RD team watching and shooting as they went through their daily process. Our key goals were to capture the atmosphere of their unique restaurant. With wood textures and soft industrial light fixtures, the space has a sumptuous warmth with an unassuming rustic cozy-ness.


When evening service begins, RGE RD transforms. The buzz of customers talking low across tables, the glow of the two wood fired ovens piping out heat and splash of cocktails into glasses all contribute to the sense of simply luxury. With servers who are at the top of their profession and a menu where nothing disappoints, capturing the service made us understand just how much of the atmosphere of this place is in the hands of the incredible front line RGE RD staff.


There's a reason that RGE RD has been toted as one of Canada's top 5 restaurants for the past few years. The menu is nothing short of incredible. RGE RD dishes are perfectly balanced flavours as plated artwork. Their dedication to local food is reflected on their menu and their offerings change with their producer's seasons. As they say on their site, "We are constantly inspired by the wealth of seasonal ingredients available in Alberta along with the people and stories behind them."