Chance and a good beer

We met the guys from Ribstone Creek Brewery early in the life of the brewery. A chance meeting at a local bar where they were testing out their first beer, the Ribstone Lager, turned into a serendipitous arrangement for us both. While I've had the pleasure of snapping photos for them from time to time, including a commission to capture the atmosphere of the rural scene they operate out of, Patrick has been illustrating and designing the labels for each of their beers.

The Line Up

While I may be a bit bias, as I'm Patrick Kerby's biggest fan, the beers are not only incredibly strong and diverse brews but also the most eye catching can on the shelf. The seasonal Old Man Winter Porter is a beautiful mix of creamy chocolate and heavy coffee with hints of caramel and fruit that carry this beer into high demand.

Lone Bison IPA, the first of this line to go into such gorgeous cans, is hoppy enough to please every hipster beer drinker in town while smooth enough to entice the average craft beer fan. Rangeland Pale Ale is the younger brother of Lone Bison in it's flavour but holds a mass appeal with its amber colour and soft toffees and citrus notes.

The Great White Combine White IPA, another seasonal that has seen great success, is a play on the Belgian beer. It's clean and spicy with an arch of citrus that makes it a perfect summer pairing.

The Ribstone Lager is a classic, goes with anything, any day kind of beer. Crisp and clean, its light enough to please both new and experienced beer drinkers alike. Watch for a redesigned lager can coming in 2016!


The guys behind the beer are rural men at heart and so when they decided to build a brewery, their small hometown of Edgerton, AB (population 317) was a natural choice. Set up in an old tractor dealership, there is no denying that rural life is central to this brewery.

Early on, they struggled with how to stay authentic to their rural identity and still reach out to urban audiences. Part of the solution for this was to bring the rural feeling to their customers. They asked me to spend some time in the area getting a feel for the heart of the place and photograph the landscape that is so reflective of the brewery's inception.

Ribstone creek

Being from a rural area myself, it was easy for me to connect to the land and sky, the farms and the abandoned places of farmers past. The brewery is actually named after the Ribstone Creek that winds its way through this community and capturing it's presence in the landscape and bird life of the area was an important part of the collection of images. 



The brewery itself, taken up residence at the west end of Edgerton's main street, has a tap room that is open every Saturday for visitors. And believe it or not, this place that's off the beaten path, see's its fair share of visitors both locally and from far flung places across the globe. 


Learn more about the Ribstone Creek Brewery, their beers and how you can get your hands on one here: www.ribstonecreekbrewery.ca