Celebrating Albertan Musicians at Edmonton Folk Music Festival

This visual narrative was completed for the Alberta Music to feature local musicians taking the stage at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. The goal of this project was to celebrate the talent in the Alberta music scene and the encouragement and excitement associated with playing to a full house in your hometown.  Alberta Music used these images in conjunction with a larger set of interviews and videos that served to explore the question: "What does Alberta Music mean to you?"

Featured artists included 100 Mile House (Edmonton), Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (Calgary), Leeroy Stagger (Lethbridge), Maria Dunn & Lizzy Hoyt (Edmonton) as well as the School of Song artists: Scenic Route to AlaskaRebecca LappaTrevor McNeely, and Bardic Form (Edmonton).

Maria Dunn & Lizzy Hoyt

Maria Dunn, a Juno nominated vocalist, accordion and guitar player, is a force in the Folk Music scene. While she often performs solo, she and Lizzy Hoyt (one of the top Celtic instrumentalists in Canada) teamed up to be an unstoppable force on the EFMF stage.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Based out of Calgary, the EFMF stage was not Michael Bernard Fitzgerald's hometown crowd but that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of his supporters. Within the first few chords, his upbeat music had the crowd up on their feet and sharing in his energy.

School of Song

An icon of the Edmonton music scene, Rhea March runs an educational outreach program called the School of Song that focuses on the development of musicians and songwriters. This program is an essential part of the Alberta music industry in the way that it promotes and prepares young musicians to explore sustainable careers in the arts.

Each year the EFMF set aside space for the School of Song to display their talents and build their audience. The 2014 School of Song showcase included: Scenic Route to AlaskaRebecca LappaTrevor McNeely, and Bardic Form

Leeroy Stagger

Living in Lethbridge, Leeroy Stagger is a giant in the Alberta roots/rock and roll scene. The EFMF crowd loved him and it's not difficult to see why. Working with bands like Hot Hot Heat and Carolyn Mark gave Stagger international acclaim that follows him through his solo career.

100 Mile House

It was a particular pleasure to photograph 100 Mile House band on the EFMF stage. We've been friends with these guys for years and the following they have provincially and nationally is well deserved. After not being booked for the 2013 EFMF, they were a shoo in for 2014 and the crowds came out to support them in droves.